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Related post: Pussy Whipped and Cock Crazy Pussy Whipped and Cock Crazy For more than three years they have been together. They love each other like no one before and even though he plans on asking lolita fashion model nn her, they are still unmarried. She is the Mistress of the house. She embraces her dominance and loves controlling her boyfriend and his orgasms while he needs the control and the feeling of total submission to the one he loves. They could not have it any other way. After years of experimentation, play and discipline the couple want something more. Its a time for both to explore things they wanted to try but did not have the chance to yet. She loves receiving oral and the idea of a male on male encounter. But no matter how he tries he just cannot perform oral for his loving Mistress/girlfriend. Because of bbs preteens lolitas models work to condition him, he lollita bbs tiny model craves a submissive bi-sexual experience. She began inserting this into his fantasies while stroking him to orgasm a long time ago. He just could not do it if it was lolita teenie young tgp not “forced upon him” by his Mistress. Thus they arrange to meet a third to join them, a male third. Here the story begins. -- No words are spoken as the Mistress motions her boy to unload the bag and to come next to her. It's quite late in the evening as the car doors close with a thud. He does not know what is in the bag. Mistress feels that he does not need to know so she packed it herself that morning while he was tied spread eagled on the bed totally helpless with his blindfold on,ears covered, gagged and plugged. He kneels silently in front of her as the click of the leash is heard when she is attaches it to his collar. With a tug she leads him to room twenty-three of the motel. She embraces him as they kiss before she inserts a cock gag and secures it in place. She gives him her instructions and knocks on the door. A man in his mid forties open the door who introduces himself as young lolita pic model John. He welcomes the Mistress and acknowledges the boy. Mistress enters the room first and the leash keeps him close behind. She unclips lolitas sexy legal free the leash and places it on the table as the boy puts the bag next to it. He observes the room. he sees a large bed against the wall, two chairs and the table close to the door and a dresser against the wall opposite the bed. darklola pics naked kids He hurriedly removes his shoes, socks, shirt and pants. Now visible are a silky pair of panties. John asks the Mistress about what he now sees and about the little key worn like a bracelet around Mistress's wrist. She explains that it is to control and humiliate him. They key is for his chastity cage. He asks about the chastity cage. She tells him that that is her cock and not his. His lack of control means that she completely controls it. She controls when it gets hard and when it gets to cum therefore she controls him in every way. “I locked him in it two weeks ago, about the time we discussed meeting”, she said. Wearing nothing but the cock gag, panties and her chastity cage he heads off to the corner as he was told. He is her toy, to be used how she pleases. Tonight it pleases her to have him displayed and used for the first time in front of and by a man. A man from out of town, a man loli little girl suck named John. The boy fidgets as his Mistress and and John chat. He is nervous and a little frightened as he listens. At first they talk about casual things such as the city and what brought him here. They talk about dining and entertainment but soon it become more personal. They talk about each others kinks and fantasies. Eventually they move on to the evenings entertainment. The boy in the corner listens little boys lolita top intently. Mistress and John laugh at the sight of him as they discuss what they could do to him. Finally Mistress tells John that the boy is there for his amusement as well and that he should show control solo lolitas models little over him but not to overstep her power. He agrees and expresses enthusiasm for the command of her boy. The sound of clothing being removed is heard by the boy. Mistress compliments John on his stature as she glances at his already semi swollen cock. They can see the boy turn red as the conversation turns to what John's cock will experience tonight. Mistress asks him if he can cum multiple times to which he replies "with a little encouragement". They both laugh as all three know what that means. Mistress calls the boy from the corner. On hands and knees with his eyes lowered he crawls in front of his Mistress. She takes his chin and raises his head so she can look him in the eyes. She orders him to crawl to the table and move it between herself and John who are sitting across from each other. To do this he must crawl between them. As he moves he can see John's cock and he blushes at the thought. Head lowered, not wanting to make eye contact he stands and slides the table into position. With is head down he can't stop looking at John's cock. He has never seen another one this close before. He knows what is going to happen to that cock and he is afraid lola angel nude a but he can't help wanting it for elwebs preteen lolitas pics the pleasure of his Mistress and for his own deep desires. Both of his dominants notice this and in an effort to humiliate him, "That's what a real cock looks like" says John. Mistress tells the boy to bend over the table. As he does she asks John if he free teen lolitas galleries would like he would like to do the honors. He would and he reaches over and slowly slides the boys panties aver his ass and down to the ground. Stepping out of them Mistress orders him to stand up. John grabs the cage as Mistress cups his balls. "I see why you lock that up" comments John. "It must be half the size of mine and he's probably not very good with it". They both laugh as the boy blushes and trembles out of the humiliation of it all. Now clad in only his cock gag and chastity cage xxx litle legal lolita and with the task complete Mistress nods at John who says his first command to the boy. "Take out all lolita videoz bbs board the items in the bag loli sex bbs ranchi and place them on the dresser." He heard his Mistress and he knows that this man has the control to dominate him as his Mistress does. He brings the bag from the table to the dresser and removes all the items. Wrist and ankle cuffs, several pieces of rope and clips to secure them; a strap; a saucer; little boys lolita models two paddles, one with holes; a large smooth butt plug and a smaller but textured butt plug; her harness for her cocks; the realistic cock with balls and the long and thick purple cock, both of which fit in her strap on; parachute ball stretcher and weights; a few pairs of nipple clamps; a large bottle of lube; a box of condoms; a blindfold and finally various sensory toys including the wartenburg wheel are all laid out across the dresser. He know the position as returns and an lowers himself with his knees spread apart and lolita pretean child models his ass resting on his feet between the two he faces table with his head down. But makes sure to allow enough room for his Mistress and John to easily stand an maneuver around him. Mistress asks John if he thinks he is ready to get started. He doesn't have to answer as she sees his cock is already getting nice and hard. she glances towards her boy and says "looks about eight inches, think you italian lolitas nude pictures can handle that?" The boy little lolita shock bbs barely manages to say that he thinks he can. She smiles as John gives summer nudist ru lolita his cock a few light strokes. Mistress picks up the leash from the table as she and John stand up. John walks around to young lolita lezbian pics the end of the bed between it and the dresser. Mistress and clips it the leash back on the boy's collar and orders him to move both of the chairs to where John is standing. She walks him as if he was a dog as he moves the chairs into position. Once John is seated she tugs him over and onto the bed. Sitting back down on the chair. She orders him to position himself pre teen lolitas teenie on all fours with his knees on the edge of the bed. Once in position it gives easy reach and a great view for Mistress and young spread lolita nude John to his ass, balls and locked up cock. Warning him not to move she picks nude bikini lolitas photo up the parachute ball stretcher and loops it around yellow pages lolita porno his dangling balls. He flinches a little as he hears and feels the snaps engaging. John picks out a large weight and real naked lolita pics gives it to Mistress who hangs it on the chain. Stretching his balls down he groans a little through the gag. They take turns pushing the weight like a pendulum and giving it little tugs. He feels fingers tickling his balls lolita bbs top pics and ass hole and he experiences the shock of surprise as the wartenburg wheel is rolled over his balls , ass and legs. The boy knows underage lolitas in panties he must be good and tries not to make a noise or pull away but he cannot help himself as the wight seems to get heavier and heavier and his cock tries to grow in the confines of the chastity cage. He moans and shakes on the bed which makes his balls swing even more. He can't stop as the waves flow through him. Tugging on the leash to try and keep the boy from moving Mistress and John grin as they get the result they wanted. Picking up the cuffs John moves around and sits on the front of the bed. His cock only a foot or so away from the boy's face. He attaches the lolitas videos pay sites cuffs to his wrist while Mistress attaches his ankle cuffs. John uses a clip to attach his wrists in preteen lolita sex videos front and under the boy, forcing his head down onto the bed and his arms back between his legs. Mistress uses some rope to tie each ankle to a bedpost and germany free loli model then another piece lolitas and preteen sites of rope to tie the ankle cuffs together. She uses more rope to tie the wrist cuffs to each of the ankle cuffs. He cannot move. Mistress asks John to choose a butt plug. He pauses strokes his cock while Mistress strokes the boy's balls and ass. Finally he chooses the small textured plug. Mistress knows he can easily take this one so she lubes it up and quickly pushes it in all the way which causes the boy to jerk against his bounds. Picking up a paddle and the blindfold Mistress steps around and in front of the bound boy. He sees the paddle as she puts the blindfold on then she returns behind him. Unsnapping the parachute and gently rubbing the paddle across his soon to be punished ass, “You were told not to move. You are going to be punished”, she says. The paddle is raised and brought down on his undefendable ass. Not too hard but enough for him to feel it's hot kiss. Over and over it rains down but not too hard. This magical lolita pthc imageboard is not a real punishment. He knows what a real punishment is and if it were real he would be in tears by now. This is a play punishment. Hard enough to know that he earned it by doing exactly what she wanted. And she wanted a reason to paddle him. Still it makes him yelp and soon the cock gag well lubricated with saliva pops out. A few more smacks with the paddle and he is moaning and groaning a little louder as the pain starts to turn into pleasure. His cock is no longer ready to burst from its little loli girls photos prison as he recedes into his submissive place. A few more spanks with the paddle and Mistress announces that he needs the strap. She raises it high as John is watching from the head of the bed. Rubbing his cock at a good pace to keep it solid he watches the boy's reaction as Mistress brings little lolita 12 years the strap down hard on his ass. He cries out but he wants it and he needs it to be harder now. A dozen strokes later he is panting and gasping. She decides that he is where he needs to be for the rest of the night, completely 15 yo lolita copulating submissive, obedient and controllable. Giving the boy a break to catch his breath he begins to mumble a little. Mistress smiles because young lolita girlies nude it confirms that he is in fact where he needs to be. Putting down the strap she releases the boy's ankles from the bedposts and from his wrists so that he can desired angels lolita nudes stretch out, with John's help she reattaches his wrists behind his back and joins John at the head of the bed. Taking the leash off, she slides in front of the boy who is face down on the bed. She gives him a break while she and John chat. She reaches under her skirt and begins rubbing her pussy while John is still stroking his cock. Mistress reaches over and touches his cock. She feels how big and little lolita art bbs thick it is. She gives it a squeeze knowing this would make her boy extremely jealous and her very happy but she has plans, plans that he has some idea of but is lolita preeteen nude vagina not sure of and plans that he cannot control. nude lola underage models Removing the blindfold the boy looks up at the site before preteen lolicon hentai videos him. He's still in a blissful place and wants whatever is going to happen, happen. She removes her panties, drops them on the floor and rolls up her skirt. Seeing little young lolita pics her pussy and his cock, the boy is watching intently not knowing for sure what she plans to do. Thinking lolita girls collection 1 of his chastity cage he hopes that he will not become a cuckold but at the same time he can't help but want it. To see his Mistress and girlfriend getting pleasured by another's cock in front of him while he is helplessly chaste and under her control. He wants to be dominated like that but is scared that it could happen and thinks he would prefer it as a fantasy only. She free nude russian lolitas grabs him by the hair and slides her pussy under his nose. She commands him to lick. John is watching intently while his cock twitches. The boy tries, he wants to please his Mistress but after a couple of attempts he just cannot do it. He feels awful that he just cannot perform this simple pleasure upon her. She looks at John and lies down so her pussy is right in sweet top lolita model front of her boy's face but facing in John's direction. She looks at John and points to her moist center. Right in front of the boy he lowers his head as he looks over and smiles. “This is how a man does it and this is why your cock is locked up” he says as he begins to pleasure Mistress. She moans and grinds as his tongue circles her clit. She is really enjoying this as her boy stares and watches his Mistress and girlfriend receive this pleasure from another man. He finds some pleasure in this even though he feels jealousy over this man sexually servicing her. She sees her boy staring at them and smiles. “This is what I want but you can't give me, be happy you can give me the pleasure this way”, she gasps as she feels her orgasm building. He watches as she pushes John's head down hard into her dripping pussy and leans back and cries out as she cums all over his face. Finished they get off the bed and retreat to the bathroom. John's cock is bobbing and everyone notices the glistening of precum on the tip. In his state the boy can't believe what he saw. He is happy that she is happy and incredibly turned on but trapped in her chastity tube and horrified to think he might not be allowed to service her again. The water runs and in no time they have return. Mistress releases the boy's cuffs from his wrists and ankles while John positions himself sitting on the edge of the bed. Once let up Mistress whispers to her boy” don't 13 16 lolita pics worry boy that is all I will do because you won't do it and later you will enjoy something yourself.” Now very relieved, the boy creampie lolita angel preteen is laid face up on the bed. John stands while Mistress sits beside the boy. He grabs the nipple clams and the wheel. On either side of the boy they sit erotic young little lolita and they each place a nipple clamp on while touching skin all over. The wheel is brought up and down his chest. Lightly at first but soon harder and harder. He feels so good now that his guard is once again lowered. She begins talking to her boy, telling him all the dirty things that he likes to hear. His cock is starting to strain against the cage. John gives a laugh as he again compares his cock to the boy's little caged cock. With her conditioning he is very susceptible to her desires. Including the desire to have another man's cock. She begins to talk about cocks as she glances the chastity cage with her hand. This causes a great urge inside the boy he needs this, he loves the humiliation and they all know it. She looks over to John, his cock is no longer as hard as it was but it still needs attention. She motions to John and he sits on the side of the bed with his legs hanging off. The leash is put back on and given to him. He pulls the boy from the bed and into a kneeling position in front of him. Mistress takes a seat while John begins to take the boy into a place where she wants him and where he wants to go. He orders the boy beam to lolita bbs to lick it. He hesitates and looks little lolita top love towards Mistress. She tells him to obey John and perform well or else he will be punished. With no choice in the matter and his own desires he moves in and takes his first taste of a man's cock. He doesn't know what to do but he tries to follow the orders given to him. Carefully and bashfully he licks the tip and shaft. As John's no nude lolita tgp cock starts to grow he lets the tip enter his mouth and sucks on it gently. He pulls off suddenly lolit 7 12 year and is given the warning again. anya lolita ls models John forces his mouth back over his hardening dick. As his cock continues to rise the boy begins to enjoy it. With his models nn pre lola eyes closed, he is enjoying the power over him by his Mistress and nude pics nymphets loli this man whom she gave the power to and the feelings brewing inside of him. Slowly he is able to take more and more of John's cock inside his mouth. He is lost in his mind as all sorts of new feelings overtake him He loves the taste, he wants the cock, he needs the cock and his Mistress watching and John both know it just top best little lolita by watching the boy and hearing the sounds he makes. His head begins to bob as more and more of it goes down into his throat. He gags but recovers and doesn't stop. No longer because young lolita porn clips he afraid of being punished but because he wants it. John is fully hard and puts his hands on the boys head. He begins pulling it down on his shaft. Mistress is rubbing herself watching the show. “Take it bitch”, she exclaims. John takes the cue and starts calling him a little lolita 16 yrs photos cock slut and all sorts of dirty degrading things that he can think of. The boy loves this and doesn't want it to stop. He doesn't care that his own cock is still locked up he wants this man's cock. Suddenly he feels a pair of balls slap him on the chin. He knows john's cock is all the way in. John keeps humiliating him but the boy loves it and it makes him want more. He is getting face fucked as the balls slap rapidity against him. russ an sexy lolas It doesn't preteen lolita picture post take much longer until he can feel the cock twitch and pulsate. Mistress orders him to take his cum, take it all. free preteen loli pics And no sooner than that is said John explodes deep in his mouth so most of it goes straight down in his throat. With his cock slowly getting smaller he leaves it in the boys mouth and orders him to make sure it's clean. He makes the boy spend a couple of minutes cleaning his cock and balls to be sure its all done properly. Left top lolitas jpg girls on free underage lolita sex the floor between John's legs he now feels how hard his cock wants to be but its hurts so much against the cage. After catching their breath lolita lsm pic free Mistress asks John how the boy performed. The boy thought he did an exceptional job a lolita preteen pussy on John's cock but to his shock John pulled the leash down to the ground and replied that he got the job cute young lolita pics done but he hesitated so he did not perform as well as he should have. This was young lolita erotica links part of game that best little loli bbs they planned in the bathroom. Mistress came and stood over the boy beside John and stated that as he didn't perform as well as instructed to he must be punished. John offered the leash to the Mistress but she refused. “He wronged you so you may punish him it you like”, she said. He accepted and dragged the boy to the chair. “An old fashioned spanking I think”, as he stood the boy up. Mistress put her hand up, “I'm curious as to what the boy thinks about this”. Opening his mouth to try and address her she gave lolita non nude models him a gentle smack on the face and said “ I didn't say you could speak” as she removed the key from her bracelet. The boy was excited. “finally after two long frustrating weeks it's coming off!” he thought. He was so beaten into submission that he barely had time to realize those words before it was off and with no surprise to Mistress lolita free galleries xxx or John, his cock was as hard as it had ever been. “I think he agrees”, said John. Mistress laughed at the situation and the boy could not believe what was happening to him tonight. One seated John roughly pulled the boy across his knee. To be sure lolita ls land portal he would comply with his ordered little forbidden russian lolitas punishment he locked his legs with his and pinned the boys hand behind his back. The boys cock was straining pressed firmly on John's leg. The pressure felt incredible. John rubbed the still red ass of the boy who was so vulnerable and landed a mighty spank on this unprotected rear. It hurt a lot, a whole lot more than when Mistress would hand spank him. It hurt almost as much as the hairbrush spankings he is guaranteed to get if he was being truly disciplined for a wrong my brother paulolino basa doing. Over and over he spanked the boy over his knee. But as the spanks landed, the boy's cock rubbed back and forth across John's leg. It felt so good to experience the pleasure and it hurt so much to experience the pain. He was not about to cry though, he was enjoying lolita bbs models russian all the sensations way too much for that. Punishing the boy for not performing on his cock the way he wanted and feeling how hard and excited the boy was made John's cock steadily rise top lolita model nude once again. After what must have been 50 spanks he stopped and held the panting and gyrating boy for a moment before he pulled him from his lap and to his feet. Taken by the arm john led the boy over to the table where to which he bent him over. Although John had no where a full erection, while tying the leash to the leg on the other side of the table John said “I see you have made my cock rise again boy”. Mistress reached down a gave John's cock a squeeze and a preteen lolita bikini pics couple of strokes just inches from the boy's face before they finished lashing him to the table. The boy was in too much of a stupor to agree, disagree or anything. He just laid there as he was put, completely taken and completely wanting to be taken. He could see John just to the side of him with a full erection thanks to Mistress's touch but he could not see his her. While he was tied to the table mistress retreated back to the dresser. She surprised her boy by landing a blow with a paddle. The one with the holes in it. She world of preteen lolitas paddled his ass and pre bbs loli xxx scolded him for not performing well which made John have to spank him. He was being paddled for being spanked. Gauging his reactions she only paddled him lightly for about a minute. Just long enough to ensure compliance under age lolita board and willingness. Panting he watched Mistress step in front of him slip on her strap on. She didn't want to stretch him too much just yet so she chose the smaller cock. It was seven and a half inches long and two and three quarters think with a set of balls. She rolled a condom over it an ordered him to open his sluty little virgin lolita mouth.. Completely beaten he obeyed and she pushed with her hips and her cock quickly taken into his mouth. “Just like his”, she said as she pushed it all the way in. “Get it lubed up nice and wet boy” is what he heard as she used lolita sun bbs sites her cock like a piston in his eager mouth. Soon her cock was taken from his mouth and he felt it touching his ass. She grabbed his hips and slowly pushed the head of her cock in. He didn't have to say it or even act like it. She knew he wanted it and she wanted to give it to him. Once the head was in she began using her boy like the fuck toy she wanted and like the fuck toy he is. With his eyes closed in ecstasy Mistress's hand takes hold of his hair and pulls back. “Open slut”, she demands. When his mouth opens John's cock takes the opportunity to fill that needy hole with his now fully hard cock. Pumping in and out, the boy is being used on both ends. He can barely control himself. He feels the excitement oozing out of his rock hard cock under the table. He has never needed to cum more than now. He's bucking and grinding against both of the cocks making them go deeper and deeper and he's loving the sounds coming from both his Mistress and John as they use him. In between the grunts and groans they are making sure he knows he's the cock pre teen little lolitas sucking slut who can't get enough. Suddenly Mistress groans and pushes hard into his ass. lolita pics nude pics He knows she just came while fucking him. John little little loli pussy still has a way to go as he lasts a lot longer after the first orgasm. Without any warning the nudist amateur lolicon photo cock is pulled from his mouth. The boy's eyes open with shock and surprise. He wants his cock back badly. John sees this and says “don't worry bitch, you'll get it back”. Mistress kneels beside him and opens a condom package. 15 17 lolita pic She places it on the tip of john's cock and rolls it down his saliva coated shaft. He positions himself behind the boy and demands for him to beg to be fucked by a real preteen lolita russian nude man. The boy begs and plead, “ please Sir, fuck me, fuck me like a real man would”. Mistress begins to rub herself. “Tell me why I should fuck a sissy panty lolita preteen panty pics wearing cocksucker like you”, he said. Completely begging, “Oh please Sir, please fuck me because I'm a panty wearing cocksucking sissy and I need to be fucked by a real man, please” the boy was almost broken he wanted it so bad. John takes no time and shoves it straight in his ass all the way to his balls. For the first time the boy feels a real cock in ass. The heat, the veins, the pleasure as he fills his hole with his cock. Pounding and pounding with no end in sight. Mistress was watching her boy get fucked by this big hard hot cock whle in a chair right beside free nude prelolita pictures them. In her pussy was a dildo while she played with her clit, she must have had several orgasms by now. He beings to twitch, she can see he is going to cum soon and she reaches under her boy and frantically strokes his cock. The boy is bucking up and down with no control, all being lost to lust. John grabs the boys hips and pulls as he pushes young black lolita pics into his ass as hard as he can go shoots lolicon incest thumbs 3d his cum deep in his lolita bbs biz info ass. As he pumps his cumming little lollas models naked cock into his ass Mistress leans over and tells young russian pretties lolita her boy” cum for now boy” ls land issue lolita and he releases a torrent of cum that goes straight down onto the saucer she placed there. After two weeks of chastity the saucer is full. girls lolita bbs naked With a smile on her face and the cock still buried in his ass Mistress picks up the saucer and strokes the boys head. “Clean it now” she quietly orders her boy. He slowly sticks out his tongue and licks the saucer as best as he can. Two years later.... Now married, their relationship is as good as it can be. They are still Mistress and boy and they are more open about their relationship than ever before. That night a couple of years ago really changed their life. Mistress gets her pussy licked fairly often and they are both very happy with each other and their place in the young lolita poohnany sex relationship. However, some things have not changed since that night two years ago. Mistress still loves having her pussy licked lolita 18 nude pics but even though her boy still can't do it, he sure loves a hot cock and she is more than happy to oblige. *Inspired by John and severely embellished. Aurum
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